Sensemakers.rs & the Smart Citizen Kit

Datum: 16/04/2014 van 20:00 - 22:30 uur
Locatie: Waag Society (Klik voor kaart)
Adres: Nieuwmarkt 4 Amsterdam
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Hacking and knowledge sharing with live-stream to Barcelona

Appril, Waag Society and Sensemakers.rs organize a meetup about the Smart Citizen Kit and the app. We do hands-on research into the technical issues, obstacles and additional features. The goal is to discuss, share knowledge and gain best practices.

Event will be mainly in English!

The Smart Citizen Kit, developed at Fab Lab Barcelona, measures the pollution of the living environment by measuring toxic pollution of CO and NO², temperature, humidity, light intensity and noise levels. With a suitable enclosure, the 1.1 version of the kit can be placed outdoors, near a window or balcony.

sck11_afbeeldingThe kit exists of an open source hardware device, a website where the data is being collected, an API and a mobile app.

100 kits were given to the Amsterdam community as a social and technical experiment. The kits were distributed by Waag Society, Amsterdam Smart City and the Amsterdam Economic Board. By giving individuals the tools to conduct research themselves, they expect an increased involvement in the immediate environment based on real data. The project Smart Citizen Kit Amsterdam studies how this works in practice.


More information about the Smart Citizen Kit 

The developers of the kit are present via a video conferencing set in Fablab Barcelona.


20.00 hrs Welcome by Jonathan Carter (Sensemarkers.rs)
20.05 hrs Introduction by Dorien Zandbergen, teacher and researcher in anthropology (specialized in the information society) at Leiden University.
20.20 hrs Tomas Diez, Barcelona based co-founder of the Smart Citizen Kit project, about the Smart Citizen Kit & the aim of the project (present via video screen)
20.30 hrs Waag Society about the Smart Citizen Kit in Amsterdam.
20.40 hrs Tomas Diez about the design choices they made and the technical issues.
20.50 hrs Discussion, feedback and/or hands-on session, having a close look into the specs of the kit.
22.30 hrs Closing


The critical issues in relation to the Smart Citizen Kit.
• data quality: calibration of sensors
• data quality: making an extension of high-end sensors for smart citizen
• data quality: making a calibration kit
• AQE: integrating the egg into the smart citizen platform (firmware and platform integration
• growing the community: better tools, discussions and keep the project evolving


Christine_webChristine van den Horn,Waag Intro and mission




tomasDiezTomas Diez, FabLab Barcelona Current tech developments



DorienZandbergenDorien Zandbergen, teacher and researcher in anthropology Leiden university Introduction




jonathan-carterJonathan Carter, Sensemakers meetup group Tech talk


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