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Appril Festival, Applying a World of Ideas

All about Mobile Business, App Development & New Technology

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IJpromenade 2
1031 KT Amsterdam


appril festival is all about connecting the dots of the product side, design aspects and business side of creating an app. We are here to inspire you, inform you and connect you with professionals who create successful apps. We shine a light on mobile businesses, app marketing insights, UX/UI design and new technologies. We share knowledge about conversational user interfaces and excellent customer journeys. We help you to build leading brands of the future. We are Mobile First, so join us for great showcases and networking!

The code of conduct for our conference can be found here.


appril is a community-driven festival for professionals who work in the app industry. Visitors of the festival can be working in app development, design, digital strategy and marketing, account and project management or the company board. appril consists of two days of workshops, network events and a conference with multiple tracks, focussing on: Product Innovation, Customer Satisfaction and Revenue Optimisation.

Jacqueline de Gruijter

Organiser Appril Festival

In 2011 Jacqueline de Gruyter founded appril festival. She has organized events and network get-togethers in the field of app development. Miss Appril matches App Developers and is Appdevcon partner.

Ivo Jansch

CEO at Egeniq

Founder Egeniq &

Lotte van Breugel

Front-end developer

Jessica Henneman


Jessica is Egeniq’s marketing specialist. Whenever something needs to be worked out, Jessica has already done it.

Zita Bebenroth

Communicationadvisor at YipYip

Michel van den Berg

Serial Entrepeneur

Team Dutch App Awards

Tim Klein Haneveld

Managing Director at Pinch

Team Dutch App Awards

Jan van der Wolf

First visited the Appril Festival in 2015, joined the community in 2016! Since then working together with the Marketing and Social media team to make this festival a success!

Anne-Marie Dröes


Moderator & Podcast interviewer tijdens appril

Loraine Nijhuis

Digital strategist @ Appnormal

Passionate about innovations, tech, data and football.
After a decade in the business she's seen it all.