We make the Appril Festival awesome


We are a nationwide community platform for app publishers, visionaries and tech professionals working on innovative services and products.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

Early bird sponsor price valid until November 1st 2018

2.500 EUR+VAT

5.000 EUR+VAT

10.000 EUR+VAT

15.000 EUR+VAT

After November 1st 2018

3.000 EUR+VAT

5.500 EUR+VAT

10.500 EUR+VAT

15.500 EUR+VAT

Max amount of sponsors 10 4 3 1
VisibilityArticle in newsletter, 1, 2 and 3
VisibilityJob posting at our website next to your program
Written interview with your (keynote) speakers
Lead gen List of opt-in e-mail adresses of the festival companies
Festival day
VisibilityLogo placed on introduction slides and festival website small medium large jumbo
VisibilityLogo placed on introduction/mid-session slides, on video recordings cover image and on prints
VisibilityFestival tickets included (for staff or giveaways) 1 2 4 10
VisibilitySponsor announcement in social media channels
VisibilityIndividual banner placement in the halls
VisibilityBooth space small large
Job announcement
Sponsor highlight: custom movie posters in venue
Sponsor highlight: custom movie trailer before keynotes
Speaking slot, (subject to cfp committee approval) 20 min 40 min
NetworkingNetwork dinner tickets 0 2 3 4
Lead genExpert table - one topic
Lead genOrganize your own session during the festival
Lead genAttendee info (Opt-in; company names before event start, attendee info after)
Lead genA report with festival results
Lead genList of opt-in e-mail adressess of all festival attendees
VisibilityLogo on Appril festival website
VisibilityLogo shown in newsletter
VisibilityBanner in Appril festival Newsletter
VisibilityPromotion & support on social media

In addition to our packages, we have the following specials:

  • Goodwill

    Movie Night

    2.000 - 3.000 EUR +VAT

  • Goodwill

    Afterparty Festival

    4.500 EUR +VAT

  • Goodwill

    Sponsor a class of students to enter the festival

    2.500 EUR +VAT

  • Visibility

    Keycords with your company logo

    3.500 EUR +VAT

  • Visibility

    Icecream bar
    On festival day

    1.500 EUR +VAT

  • networking

    Networking Diner Partner

    (Room for 1 partner)

    4.500 EUR +VAT

  • networking

    Networking dinner tickets

    100 EUR +VAT

  • networking

    Book an Expert table

    Click for more info

  • Lead gen

    Organize an event at your office during the festival

    2.700 EUR +VAT

  • Lead gen

    Organize your own session during the festival

    4.100 EUR +VAT

  • content

    Movie of your Festival session

    1.200 EUR +VAT