We make the Appril Festival awesome

Expert partner Silver Gold Platinum

Early bird sponsor price valid until November 1st 2019

2.500 EUR+VAT

5.000 EUR+VAT

10.000 EUR+VAT

15.000 EUR+VAT

After November 1st 2019

3.000 EUR+VAT

5.500 EUR+VAT

10.500 EUR+VAT

15.500 EUR+VAT

Max amount of sponsors 10 4 3 1
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In addition to our packages, we have the following specials:

Media Package

  • Goodwill

    Sponsor a class of students to enter the festival

    2.500 EUR +VAT

  • Visibility

    Keycords with your company logo

    3.500 EUR +VAT

  • networking

    Book an Expert table

    Click for more info

  • Lead gen

    Organize an event at your office during the festival

    2.700 EUR +VAT

  • Lead gen

    Organize your own session during the festival

    4.100 EUR +VAT

  • content

    Movie of your Festival session

    1.200 EUR +VAT

Drinks, Snacks & Parties

  • Goodwill

    Movie Night

    2.000 - 3.000 EUR +VAT

  • Goodwill

    Afterparty Festival

    4.500 EUR +VAT

  • Visibility

    Icecream bar
    On festival day

    1.500 EUR +VAT

  • networking

    Networking Diner Partner

    (Room for 1 partner)

    4.500 EUR +VAT

  • networking

    Networking dinner tickets

    100 EUR +VAT