Steven Claus

Harvard-online educated negotiator trainer/coach focus at My Mind Farm

Steven provides businesses and people with the tools for professional growth. The mainstay of his company “My Mind Farm” is durable training that is always tailor made, which also makes it coaching. The main focus is improvement of motivation, attentional skills, soft skills, communication skills, and general health. He has a long formed background as organization expert, neurologist, trainer/coach, mind/behavioral-expert. And two years ago he became a student computation and Python with special interest in AI” He knows the developers” world as student, but also as teacher and coach. And…he has a strong passion for the trade. This enables him to provide training that allow App developers to excell in what they do.


15 oktober 2020
Stress …learn to redirect that energy
10:00 - 13:30

29 oktober 2020
Training emotional intelligence, the durable game changer for people and organisations
10:00 - 13:30