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Tech Savvy Farming? 

For this special addition of Appsterdam Business Chat we’ll be learning why farmers are working with hackers to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing farming in the Netherlands.

We’ll be speaking with our special guest Jan Dirk van Mourik who is the Project Manager Friesland Campina and regarded as one of Hollands most tech Savvy farmers.

Jan Dirk will will discuss how technology and innovation is the future of farming which opens up many opportunities for developers in web and mobile app design, IoT solutions and data science.

He will be demonstrating smart collars, biometric and behavioral data that helps keep the cows happy and productive!

November 18-19 A-Labs very own BRIGHT.nl in partnership with Duurzame Zuivelketen (the Dutch Sustainable Dairy Association) is hosting the Bright Day Cow Hackathon at the Jaar Beurs in Utrecht.

See you there!