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The schedule of 2019

18th april Conference

Room 11 Inspiration Room 9 Sales & Marketing Room 10 Testing & Deployment Room 13 Starting up or scaling up BG Lobby Expert lab
09:00 Welcome and registration 09:00
09:30 Future of Mobile Apps Brechtje de Leij
10:20 Room switch / coffee break 10:20
10:35 Your computer will use YOU! David Carvalhão
journey mind technology
How to do user acquisition for e-commerce apps Louise Verschuren
A journey to production Aitor Viana
deployment development
How to cooperate with the media to get your app out there Dimitry Vleugel
Morning expert lab Bob Wiebes, Ivo Jansch, J​oris ​Slagter​, Louise Verschuren, Seb Sueur
11:25 Room switch 11:25
11:35 Changing the world with an app Peter Meijer, Sam van Veluw
feed calculator
Protecting Your Budget with Click Validation Michael Paxman
advertising clicks
The Realities of A/B Testing Aydar Mukhametzyanov
How I launched my app as a teen tech entrepreneur Alex Goodison
iOS teen entrepreneur
12:15 Lunch 12:15
Design and UX Future Tech Development & Architecture Product Ownership / Management Expert lab
13:15 Developing a scalable white label app Arno Woestenburg
best practices scalability
The State of AR and VR Pieter Siekerman
App updates: Learnings from 1.5M Funda users Roel Spruit
best practices
Mobile App Accessibility; no more excuses! Bruno Scheele
app accessibility
Afternoon expert lab Bob Wiebes, Ivo Jansch, J​oris ​Slagter​, Louise Verschuren, Seb Sueur
14:05 Room switch 14:05
14:15 Design for success Sjoerd Dijkstra
design ux
Building smarter apps with Machine Learning, from magic to reality Laurent Picard
AI Google
Software architecture: Fail Fast Fred Fauquette
How to set yourself up to deliver an awesome mobile app experience Christian Robert
15:05 Coffee break 15:05
15:30 Design systems. Digital transformation’s hidden gem Steven de Lange
design systems
Building for the google assistant: Voice First vs Screen First Aygul Zagidullina
Google voice
Scaling up mobile at ING Bart den Hollander
banking scalability
How Blendle makes you consume quality journalism Ayden Galeh
journalism ux
16:20 Room switch 16:20
16:30 The Dutch App Awards – Award Ceremony (Dutch) Tim Haneveld, Vivianne Bendermacher
17:30 Conference closing + after party 17:30

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